Mobile Clinics

Mobile Units

Trucking Wellness has exciting news to share as they welcome a fleet expansion comprising five new Toyota bakkies and two new Mercedes Benz Vitos. These vehicles come adorned with fresh branding, aligning with the organization’s mission. These additions are set to play a crucial role in conducting wellness testing during the Company’s wellness days. The upgraded fleet not only enhances the organization’s capacity but also underscores their commitment to providing comprehensive health assessments to the trucking community.

The system involves scheduling a vehicle for a ten-day period, during which we cater to companies within the specific region. This strategic move enhances our efficiency, enabling us to serve more businesses than ever before and fostering a healthier, more vibrant trucking sector.

Distinguished by their sturdy build and functionality, the Mobile Clinics serve the purpose of stock and personnel transportation, exclusively designated as testing centers. On-site, Trucking Wellness erects gazebos to establish additional testing points. This operational model empowers Trucking Wellness to operate more efficiently and economically. We are thrilled about the potential of this transformation, foreseeing heightened awareness of health risks and subsequently cultivating a more robust, productive workforce.

To arrange a Wellness Day visit from Trucking Wellness representatives at your office, please reach out to Chris at 011 914 1610 or email


Mobile Services

The services that our staff are able to provide individuals with includes a number of primary healthcare services. These include, among others:


    • HIV Counselling and Testing

    • Measure blood pressure (BP)

    • Random blood glucose test (Sugar/Diabetes)

    • Random blood cholesterol testing

    • Body Mass Index testing (BMI)

    • Malaria testing

    • TB Screening & STI Screening

    • Condom distribution